Part One Areia

Thanks to Janet Sked, Courtney Conant and Michelle Scott for some editing help!


“Come on, we got to go,” Emmett whispered to his siblings. They have been traveling miles and miles through the mountains looking for something they do not know exists.

“Emmett, it has only been two hours, and we only slept four last night,” Courtney whined as she rolled away from him.

“Well I’m sorry but the Zejif don’t need to rest like we do, and Mac says  they are getting close.”

Courtney wished that her younger sister, Mac, could sense the gate, but unfortunately Mac could only sense darkness; she could not sense the light. “Would you say we are close?”

Emmett pulled the tattered scroll out of his backpack, opened it and traced his finger along a path. “Can you ask the animals if they know anything about a circle of rocks?”

Courtney finished rolling up the blanket she and Mac had been sleeping on and walked deeper into the tree line, as a solid grey wolf approached. Courtney and the wolf stood in silence, the only movements being the nod and shake of Courtney’s head.

“Chance says there is a formation of rocks west of here.”

Emmett’s eyes lit up, even though his gift was navigation, he had began to lose hope in finding the formation. “Would he be willing to show us the way?”

Chance snorted shaking his head, and Courtney bowed her head as she turned to Emmett “He wants to make sure we are clean.”

Emmett’s face dropped. They had been in direct contact with the Zejif’s leader Kile. His mind had been read, and would they pass? He knew the touch of dark magic lasted forever. “Does he know?” Emmett asked dread filling his voice.

“Not yet, I was…”

“Stalling I know,” Emmet finished her sentence. “Well it would be best if he knew the meaning behind my aura, rather than for him to assume the worst.”

Courtney turned back and the silence took over the forest. After several long, eerie moments, Chance snorted and shook his head, another wolf joined them. This one was whiter than snow.

Emmett took a step closer to Courtney and put his hand on his sword. Mac pushed his hand aside and made her way  in front of them, and knelt. Emmett and Courtney followed their little sister’s lead, and kneeled, looking only at the ground. Mac was only 4 and her abilities were only beginning to develop. She was very shy, and only made herself known when she knew she had to.

Mac rose again before she spoke, “queen of the trees, seer of the land, what is left of my family bows in front of you asking that you grant us passage to the formation of the land.”

The queen gave Mac’s siblings a wary eye, and they soon followed Mac’s lead and knelt.

Emmett and Courtney’s minds were scattered. The voice coming from this little girl was not little. It was powerful, and confident. They didn’t know what to think, Mac hardly ever spoke and when she did she sounded… well like a little kid, not as a leader.  

  Chapter 1.

“Mackenzie Elizabeth Xavier, please call me Areia.” Then Areia looked to the right. “Emmett Giovanni,” then over at Courtney on the left “Courtney Magritte, before I can grant you children passage there are things that need to first be known.” As she finished those words Areia stood on her hind legs, and became a woman, with a tall slender frame burgundy red hair and bright green eyes. Chance trailed in Areia footsteps, as a wolf. Walking over to the camp they had set up a few hours ago when they stopped to rest, Areia waved her hand over the smoldering ashes. The fire roared to life, as she motioned for them to sit. “From what Mac has told me you three have been through quite a lot in the past two weeks.”

They turned to look at the little girl, who was sitting there drawing pictures on the dust.

“Mac, what is she talking about? When did you talk to her?” Courtney was beginning to panic. One of the last things her mother had told them was to tell no one of their past, or who they were until they were in Keizara.

“I didn’t really talk to her, I dreamed about her.” The little girl said as she erased what she had drawn.

 “You invaded her dream! Who are you?“Emmett snapped, glaring at Areia. They were taught dreams were sacred  and were only for the dreamer.

“Settle down there Emmett. I am Queen of the Trees, seer of the land, Goddess of Nature. I did not invade your sister’s dream. You are in my sanction thus I am your dream maker.” Areia stated

Emmett mumbled an apology, and avoided her gaze by looking into the fire.

“I was told, by Tameika that three children were sent to my sanction in search for Keizara. I was not told, who they were. It took me almost a week to get Mac to talk to me, and a few days after that to get her to talk about what I wanted.” Areia paced back and forth on her side of the fire.


“Who is Tameika?” Courtney asked, as far as she knew the only people who would know they were here were Kile’s followers.

“Tameika is the goddess of time travel. She makes sure you find your destined place when you are sent through time,” Areia began. “But we don’t have time for questions, the Zejif are not far behind you.” Closing her eyes she muttered something under her breath. “We must move now, they are closer than I thought. Follow me the formation is right up this path.”

After walking a few hundred yards she stopped. Courtney turned and muttered to Emmett “Way to go, Captain Navigation.”

“Courtney,” Areia said suddenly turning on her heels to face her, “there are two ways for a Keizaran to find their way home through the Wodreian Gate. Death, and Me, neither of which you had until now. You should not be so quick to doubt your brothers’ gift.” Pure irritation rang in her voice. “The people of Keizara do not respect their gifts, and soon there will be something done about that!”

“The Wodreian gate is here, and as time is not on our side I suggest you three find her center.”

“Then what do we do?” Emmett turned to ask, but Areia was gone.

“We ask her to sing,” Mac answered.

“What do you mean we ask her to sing?”

“Just follow me silly,” Mac said, as she skipped over towards the rocks.

The rocks were level with the ground, and lay in the shape of a star. Once they were in the middle of the rocks, Mac asked “Wodreian, could you sing me your song?”

The rock that surrounded them began to shake and climb, a soft hypnotizing lullaby began to hum, and an ancient voice spoke. “Of course I will little one, lie down and rest, you look exhausted.”

“Grandma?” Emmett and Courtney asked at the same time, before their eyes drifted closed.

As Courtney eyes fell closed, her mind played back the recent memories that she had wished never happened.

 Chapter 2.

“The darkness is not inhabitable to those who seek to gain its power”

She remembered hearing things shatter against the walls down stairs, and voices she didn’t recognize. She couldn’t move, and everything was black, and she started to burn.

When you travel through the Zedire, the gate of darkness, all of your purity; all of your light is left behind unable to pass through. You have no feeling, no emotion, and no train of thought. This is when Kile uses his advantage. Kile has the power to make you feel again, to give you thought, and emotion. Although giving this back did not come without a price.

Kile offers these back if you take the dark oath. What he leaves out is you only do, say, and think what the counsel tells you. Your memory is gone, and your soul harvested for power.

After the burning stopped, she felt nothing. When she was able to open her eyes she noticed there was no color in this world. Grey, everything was grey; from the sky to the ground to the people that surrounded her, it was like everything had absorbed a dark fog. There were no trees, no signs of life, just rock and grey fog.

She heard her parents struggling from behind her. Their words were muffled, and she couldn’t understand them, but she knew they were in trouble.

She tried to turn her body but it wouldn’t budge, she could barley move her head to see her brother beside her.

Then something black caught her eye. She thought it took forever for her eyes to focus, but when they did she realized that the something black, was Kile.

She had seen but one picture of this man, and that had been enough. By his face you he appeared to be in his mid twenties. In reality Kile was well over 200 years old; fed on the youth of the soul. He had jet black, shoulder length hair, silver eyes, and a tall muscular build.

An empty coldness took over her body, her heart which had been racing nearly stopped.

He walked up to Emmett and placed his palm on Emmett’s forehead. “I see your children know not much of your world, but merely of its existence, “he said. “Release Liam and Amy. There is nothing their powers can do for them here”

Liam and Amy were their parents. The only family they had left since their grandmother had died. Worse they were the children’s only tie to Keizara.

As soon as he finished these words, whoever was holding her parents released them and the burning began again.

The next thing Courtney knew Mac was waking her up and they were in a patch of grass, with backpacks sitting in front of them.



9 Responses to "Part One Areia"

Wow amazing story I really enjoyed it thus far. Come check out my story if you wish it deals with a cricle of stones and some other interesting charcters.

wow! it’s superb! i felt like watching a movie or something… Gonna learn a lot from your story that’s for sure… =)

This definitely has the makings of a nice overall story Mary. A lot of originality behind it, and there seems to be interesting relationships going on with the siblings. I’d fix up the punctuation and grammar a lot though. This needs more editing, but once you get done with that and add more content to this part of the story, hopefully it can shine even more.

Great story here! Would love to see this published-your characters are extremely well written;really enjoyed it!

Hi Mary, Love the story idea thus far. The structure of the concepts are excellent. I would like to see more detail especially the wolf characters. You have the same difficulty that I have. We both know our stories inside out. But we seem to presume knowledge on the part of the reader. What a great start. This will build into something amazing……I look forward to reading more. I will post more later……must fix computers now…people waiting. Cheers Bill

Very nice – good to see you still working on it. I love Mac and her matter of fact way of dealing with everything. She is going to be delightful to watch.

I do want to know more about the queen however…

Good story, would very much like to read it in its entirety.

Im getting there haha its a work in progress about 3600 words is thus far.

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