Hi! This blog is my second blog and there are a few different ideas I have for it.  I plan to host on both blogs, it is up to the author as to which they want. Another idea I have is for WIP, if you plan to end your WIP in publishing maybe you should post about it here, just the overview. Maybe you can start getting fans before its out!

My blogs are dedicated to the authors so I am always game to make new posts based on what  you would think would help.  Just leave me an email, a comment, or an IM.

I plan to make new posts on words you should know, and overly used words soon.


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  • pawnhandler: I am number 10! If you want to add my name, it's Linda Calderone. I already hosted #1 (as I told you in a private tweet) and hope I did it correctly
  • Bill van Oosten: Hi Mary, How is you writing going? Just had a breakthrough with my fantasy WIP. Its only taken a month (sarcasm). Thanks for your response on The Danc
  • hal lilburn: I am interested in being hosted. I have poetry published in various journals and am now working on a couple of YA speculative fiction novels. You ca