How do I host?

Here is what I do and require.

What do I require?  All I require is a copy of your book PDF, EPUB or paper copy

Where will I mention you?

  1.  My blog either this one or Mystic Thoughts
  2. Mystic Thoughts Facebook page
  3. XchylerConn on Twitter
  4. Between the lines book club
  5. Goodreads

While you are on the blog I will make at least 5 posts about you.                      

1. The review

2. All of the places we can find you and your work

3. The interview

4. Updates- this post never ends you can email me with updates anytime

5. Questions- this post is optional because you have to answer questions.

I Tweet about you like crazy while you are hosted.

I recommend your book on Goodreads and Between the lines if I like it.

I post links back to where we can find you on Facebook.

On top of these posts I also post my review where ever you can buy the book, and or where ever you need it posted.


I have added two options for you 🙂

1. You can choose to add your name to the Tour list. If you do this your name and book will be posted on THE LIST, and reviewers can read through and maybe pick your book out to review 🙂

2 The second NEW this is an Authors Page, like Heathers,

I ask 2 things of you. 1 You support the authors I have hosted by RT or mentioning them a few time. 2. I ask for an autograph to add to my collection. These two things are all up to you though.

If this sounds like something you are interested in just send me an email, and I will get back to you.


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  • None
  • pawnhandler: I am number 10! If you want to add my name, it's Linda Calderone. I already hosted #1 (as I told you in a private tweet) and hope I did it correctly
  • Bill van Oosten: Hi Mary, How is you writing going? Just had a breakthrough with my fantasy WIP. Its only taken a month (sarcasm). Thanks for your response on The Danc
  • hal lilburn: I am interested in being hosted. I have poetry published in various journals and am now working on a couple of YA speculative fiction novels. You ca


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