HI! I am trying to get a group of reviewers together for blog tours!!! If you have your own blog thats great if not I can make you one!!! This is really fun and I have had a blast the past month doing this!!! please leave a comment or email me


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What is involved?

You will have to read a book and write a review on the book and post it to your blog. You can see how I host here, under :how I host”
You do not have to do all that what you do is up to you but I do ask that you post the review on your blog as well as at least one of the places you can buy the book. 🙂
You can choose the book and when you would like to host.

That is totally right up my alley!! I would love to do this! Also, if you ever run out of authors yourself, feel free to take a peek at Rolled-Up Streets. I can send you the .pdf version easily. If EPUB doesn’t take too much of your email space, I could send that version as well.



It is really fun! all you have to do is read a book and talk about it I have a list of authors who have already agreen you just pick one and I will send you the free code 🙂

Oh, wow, this is a wonderful opportunity, and I would love to participate. I used to blog, but lately due to my licensing boards coming up, I gave it up since December. Hmmm, but this offer is SO darn tempting. The ONE thing that is ACTUALLY keeping me from continuing the blog, is starting a new one, and its up-keep. I am SUCH a basic blogger that my blog just wouldn’t compare to any of the fabulous blogs that book bloggers have up now. But if you could help me, I’d be willing to give it a re-try! 😀

Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

Id love to help you 🙂 just email me how :)… or twitter

Sounds cool. Count me in!

alright just email me for the list to choose from

I’d love to participate. I review books on my blog regularly, so count me in!

Sounds fun! I’d love to participate!

Can authors get books onto your list in exchange for pubbing a review?

I’d be delighted to review. I am also on the Novel publicity Tour’s site, and will be reviewing a book for that group in May. I have not posted reviews on my blog, but it is something I do and am capable of. You can reach me on Twitter @Theos Trek, or my blog (Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror) at:, or by e-mail:

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  • pawnhandler: I am number 10! If you want to add my name, it's Linda Calderone. I already hosted #1 (as I told you in a private tweet) and hope I did it correctly
  • Bill van Oosten: Hi Mary, How is you writing going? Just had a breakthrough with my fantasy WIP. Its only taken a month (sarcasm). Thanks for your response on The Danc
  • hal lilburn: I am interested in being hosted. I have poetry published in various journals and am now working on a couple of YA speculative fiction novels. You ca


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