Well I am 20, a mommy, a book worm, a blogger, and a writer. I am reading books and hosting their author at the moment there is a new one every 4 days. A lot of people ask me why I do this for FREE, and there are many answers to that.

1. What is better than reading a book and asking the author questions about it?

2. I have met some pretty amazing people, and gained some great friends.

3. By doing this and helping others I am building the base I need for when I work my way up to publishing.

4. I dont promise anything. I can not say that by hosting you, you will sell a million copies, or gain a million and a half followers. I do however try my best and give this all I got.


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I have two “Cozy Thrillers” I’d like you to review. DANGER DIVA was published in July of 2010, and RISK IT ALL is in ARC / PDF format for release on July 5, this summer. Both exciting and ‘caint’put’emdowners.


If you’d like to review them…send me your address!

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  • pawnhandler: I am number 10! If you want to add my name, it's Linda Calderone. I already hosted #1 (as I told you in a private tweet) and hope I did it correctly
  • Bill van Oosten: Hi Mary, How is you writing going? Just had a breakthrough with my fantasy WIP. Its only taken a month (sarcasm). Thanks for your response on The Danc
  • hal lilburn: I am interested in being hosted. I have poetry published in various journals and am now working on a couple of YA speculative fiction novels. You ca


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