Heather Hildenbrand

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Dream Killer

Little Hearts Orphanage has always been a safe haven for ‘special’ individuals. Azura, the headmistress, has gone to great lengths to ensure the resident’s true abilities remain secret from those who would exploit them. Her mantra: The secret must be protected at all costs.
That’s where Marlena comes in. Raised in the orphanage, under Azura’s wing, she has committed herself and her ‘gifts’ to Azura’s service – and to wiping out those who seek to expose Marlena and the others for what they truly are

My Review                                                                                                                                                                           A great short story that starts and ends with action.
Join Marlena, as her adventure just begins.





Where can we find Heather?
Heathers Blog



1. What is your plan for this series?
It’s looking to be a four or five part series, based on where it’s going in the end.
2. Should we remember all of the characters in book 1?
Yes. and there will be more introduced but mainly, we’ll be following Marlena.
3. What made you decide to write short stories?
Originally, I wrote it to submit to online magz so I could get published and start building my platform and writer credentials. And then I realized how fun they were and how fast I could write them. It’s like TV episodes to me.
4. what are the underlying ideas behind this series.
The story idea was orgininally (loosely) based on a cross between Underworld (I’d just watched the movie like two days before I wrote this) and X-men.
5. when will book 2 be out?
 Sometime in April. Check my website for more info.

You can check out my interview with Heather to find out even more at


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