Posted on: March 27, 2011

I have started working on a few WIP’s again 🙂 Now I am just looking for a few people to read over my shoulder 🙂

Ok, so I sent the Intro out last night to have someone read and this is the responce I got, “A trio of siblings with different gifts set in a world different from ours works for me.”

I kicked out about 20 book pages last night, and I’m looking for a BETA. I am willing to trade, or review, authors pages, or anything else here on my blog 🙂 Just keep in mind it is a WIP and I plan to have it set as a short story 😀


3 Responses to "The WIP"

I thought I was the only person writing more than one WIP at the same time 😉 What do you write? I’d be happy to read and give an early over view.

I write fantasy 😀 my email is thats the best way to reach me 🙂 Id be up for a swap as well

lol I will Beta. I love betaing! 😀

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  • pawnhandler: I am number 10! If you want to add my name, it's Linda Calderone. I already hosted #1 (as I told you in a private tweet) and hope I did it correctly
  • Bill van Oosten: Hi Mary, How is you writing going? Just had a breakthrough with my fantasy WIP. Its only taken a month (sarcasm). Thanks for your response on The Danc
  • hal lilburn: I am interested in being hosted. I have poetry published in various journals and am now working on a couple of YA speculative fiction novels. You ca


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